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R.E.M. : Royalty Egyptians Matadors

It’s hard to believe that I’ve only been here more or less a week and a half now. Time is dragging but flying at the same time. It’s hard to explain how different life is here in Spain. People in general get up by 9am (though during the school week I wake up at 7:30), have lunch around 2:30, dinner at 9pm, and don’t really sleep until 1am or later. On weekends people don’t start to go out till 11 and are out till 4am or later. It is a very intense schedule and I haven’t fully adjusted to having such long days, but I’m getting better at it without having to take a siesta (which is not very practiced anymore).

The past few days have been comprised of visiting the Palacio Royal, the Templo Debos, and a Toreo. Included are a bunch of pictures with some description, BUT : If you are a whole hearted animal lover and hater of gore, weak of heart, or just don’t wish to see the pictures from the Toreo then please do not look at the last set of pictures.

In the Plaza de Oriente
Palacio Real, which cost too much money so I have decided to go at a later date when it is free.
Just a really pretty building... it probably is meant for something, but I have no idea.
The Templo Debos, a gift from Egypt to Spain for helping build a giant dam. It was moved from where it would have been flooded because of the dam to Madrid.
Same thing, but different angle.
Hieroglyphics inside the temple. Flash is not allowed, but cruddy lights could be turned on at the push of a button. Has to do with offerings to different gods.
Las Ventas arena for the Toreo
First everyone marched out and paraded a bit.
Then the matador would dodge the bull a few times and play around with him a bit.
The picadores would then stab the bull twice in the back with short spears.
The bañadores would attempt to stick in 6 striped rods into the bulls back, in sets of two.
The matador would then dodge the bull and try to get him to make multiple attempts in a small time, trying to get the bull to more or less run in circles around him.
A sword through the back and into the heart kills the bull, then a knife is used to sever the vertebrae at the neck and the body is dragged by some dressed up horses out of the arena.

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School's in Session

I've moved in with my family and had my first few days of class! The family is sweet, though we haven't had a whole lot of contact yet. They appear a little gruff, but are very nice and accommodating. They live on the third floor (actually the 4th) and I have my own room which is simple but nice and my very own balcony that's gorgeous!
Classes so far have been fairly easy as I am only taking 2 language courses in the early part of the day and wont start my elective courses until the end of September. There are only 10 people in my class: 4 from Germany, 2 from Holland, and 4 from the US (1 being me). Since I am not swamped with work yet I have time to walk around and enjoy the sights and sounds of Madrid. This afternoon I am going to be taking a fieldtrip with the school the the Reina Sofia museum.
¡Hasta Luego!

(Sorry for being really cheesy, it's hard to be witty in blogs)

I had 17 extra hangers after using all the ones I needed for my clothes...
The view from my balcony on Los Caños del Peral
The Fuente de Neptuno which is very close to my school
The Palacio Velazques which is supposed to have an art exhibit in it, but was inexplicably closed
A large lake in an even larger park (El Buen Retiro) inside the even larger city

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Llegadas : Arrivals

I've only recently arrived in Madrid (landed at 8:30am) and after some issues with our (my classmate Marissa and I) rooms being prepared I am finally settled in my hotel room. I will be staying here in the Hotel Prada until Sunday, when I will move in with my host family. Tomorrow is the start of our orientation, so tonight my fellow Clarkies and I will be on our own for dinner. I hope to drag them around the city a bit and find a cheap and fun place to eat. Here are a couple quick pics I've snagged in the short time I've been here. Pictured is the street my hotel is on, the hotel, and my room... also the view from my window...
nice view of the stairwell!
¡Hasta luego todos!

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Leaving Tonight!

It is August 26th 2008 and I am leaving Hawaii tonight! I will by flying U.S. Airways with my first stop in Arizona and second stop in Pennsylvania. Somehow everything fit into a single check-in bag, which was my ultimate goal. This is my first entry and a very short one, but as things happen I will be posting about my experiences and showing lots of pictures. Check back once in a while and comment on my entries so I get to hear from you all as well. Good bye for now! ¡Hasta luego!

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